The Market Place

As some of you may be aware, for the past few months we have been working on plans for enhancements to the market portion of Adelina’s Bistro & Market Place. In short order you’ll be seeing us make numerous investments in the décor and layout of the market, as well as the addition of a much broader selection of retail items and an all-new menu. 

The goal is to create a worthy complement to our feature restaurant, Adelina’s Bistro. We will do this by focusing on the following three areas:

  1. An affordable and delicious coffee and breakfast experience available daily. As part of this you’ll see our new “Coffee Club” re-usable mugs available for just $15 and fillable with drip coffee any day, any time for just $1. We’ll also have baked items and some simple grab-and-go sandwiches, wraps, fruit cups and more designed to get your day started right.
  2. “Fast casual” and take-out lunch and dinner options with a menu that includes some favorites from Adelina’s as well as some new items Chef Charles has been developing. These new items are selected first based on flavor – of course – but also with consideration of preparation time. If you would like something quickly, we want you to have that option.
  3. Better and more diverse retail to be more akin to a classic town market. We’ll still offer a variety of bottled wine, but you’ll also see oils, pastas, pre-packaged meats, interesting drinks, and more that let you try new things or just pick up some necessities without having to leave the community.

Over the coming weeks we will keep you all updated, but construction has begun and we expect to debut on Wednesday, April 1st. As always, we appreciate your support of the community and the club and look forward to seeing you soon. 


Michael Comerate, Director of Resort Operations & Charles Weber, Executive Chef